Understanding More About the History and Beginnings of hCG Injections

Having appeared across TV and the Internet, including the Dr. Oz show, hCG injections are becoming an increasingly popular way to regulate weight. In addition, the hCG 500-calorie diet is working wonders to help millions of Americans get back in shape. In addition, hCG works wonders for those trying to become pregnant, as well as regulate menstrual cycles. So, where did this seemingly mysterious dietary supplement come from? How was it produced, and who discovered it? Lets take a moment to review the history of hCG, so that you know everything you can about it.
The Beginning

In the beginning, there was a single Doctor, Dr. Simoens. A British endocrinologist, Dr. Simoens spent much of his life studying pregnant women in India. In addition, Dr. Simoens looked at children as well. In particular, Dr. Simoens focused on the hormone Human chorionic gonadotropin or (hCG), created by pregnant women during their first term of pregnancy. Reasoning that Human chorionic gonadotropin affected the Hypothalamus and stopped the production of weight in mothers, Dr. Simoens reproduced this hormone, giving it to local fat children. The results were significant weight loss.

Dr. Simoens would later take this experience and bring it with him to his practice in Italy. There he perfected the 500-calorie diet. The 500-calorie diet involved eating significantly less while taking small amounts of hCG. Becoming increasingly popular in the United States over the next few decades, the hCG Injections quickly rose to popularity as Americans began dealing with the first obesity epidemic.
Since Then…

Since the beginning of hCG injections, it has only become more popular since people could easily get it over the Internet. In addition, a number of leading experts, including Dr. Oz has put their support out for the beneficial effects of hCG with people .

Though Human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) is a hormone originally found in pregnant women under their first trimester, it has since been reproduced artificially. This guarantees purity of the hormone, while also allowing for quick manufacturing and distribution. In addition, it helps keep the price of this dietary supplement affording, bring weight loss to millions of people. If you are interested in hCG, or learning more about hCG, there are many sources on the Internet that will help you out. In addition, take a moment to review the numerous testimonials from other people who have benefited from this weight loss supplement.