The term HGH refers to “Human Growth Hormone.” The official medical term for human growth hormones that are created naturally by the pituitary gland is Somatotropin. Synthetic human growth hormone’s that are used for the purpose of injection are referred to by the generic term Somatropin.

HGH injections gained popularity among athletes attempting to more easily build greater strength and muscle mass because of they’re undetectable during routine urinalysis testing, and can only be detected through blood tests up to 36 hours after the injection. However, there is a new test being developed that may be able to detect synthetic HGH injections as far out as 21 days.

Nevertheless, hormone replacement therapy is becoming more mainstream among the the U.S. population. Americans spend approximately $20 billion annually on some form of physical fitness. About 40 million Americans belong to at least one health club. In addition, they’re more concerned about keeping fit and healthy than any time in history. Those desires include taking steps to eat healthier foods and exercising to maintain peak physical fitness.

There are many different methods for achieving fitness goals, with HGH shots just one approach to improving how people feel and look. Injections require a prescription and are usually prescribed by your doctor when tests demonstrate that you’re not producing enough hormones of your own.

In addition to beneficial hormone replacement therapy, HGH injections may be prescribed to increase lean muscle mass because it helps burn stored body fat. That occurs due to the fact that lean muscle mass speeds up your body’s metabolism so the greater your muscle mass the leader you become. Many people have difficulty building sufficient muscle mass to increase their metabolism. Prescribing HGH injections help those people overcome this deficiency with an artificial muscle mass boost. This is particularly necessary when a person is suffering from a natural hormone deficiency.

There are other reasons to use HGH injections other than increasing muscle mass. It’s been demonstrated that higher HGH levels contribute to slowing down the aging process, increasing bone strength, and enhancing a person’s energy level.

None of these benefits come without cost, particularly financial. The price for HGH injections can range from a low of $800 to a high of $3,000 monthly when purchasing prescription drugs from high-quality manufacturers such as Eli Lilly and Genentech.

In addition, there’s always a concern about side effects. Literally, just about all prescription medication has some form of side effects, or as is sometimes referred to as unintended consequences. You should consult with your doctor before beginning HGH injections to ensure that you’re doing so in the safest manner possible.