Super Mario is one of Nintendo’s flagship characters. In fact, if you spot a Super Mario icon or logo, you will know that it is from Nintendo. Nintendo released a new console called the Wii U, which was supposed to bring in more features than its predecessor.

Although, there are many things to love about the Wii U, it still needs a blockbuster title; something that will make consumers buy a Wii U. Well, what better way to save the gaming company than to use one of its flagship characters, right?

Enter the Super Mario 3D World, one of the biggest games that ever graced the Wii U. Now, unlike new game installments, the Super Mario 3D World is actually sort of a “greatest hits” collection.

What most people loved about the Super Mario franchise was put in one game. You get to have a side-scrolling platform adventure game that is set in a 3D environment. You also have a lot of different objectives you need to do and it can be stamped on your achievements list.

There are Five Playable characters in the game, each of them having their own unique skills and abilities. Mario is the main character and he is the most well-balanced character in the game. He jumps and floats well unlike other characters. His famous sidekick, Luigi, has a slow falling speed but he runs a bit slower than Mario.

Princess Peach is also one of the playable characters and she has a floating ability, which lets you glide through the screen for a short duration. Her downside is that she, too, doesn’t run fast.

Toad is another prominent character in the Super Marioverse and he has the fastest run speed of all, though, his drawback is that he cannot jump as high as others and he falls the fastest.

The last playable character is Rosalina. She needs to be unlocked first and she has the spin attack ability that can kill enemies, but she has the slowest run speed of all the playable characters.

The plot of the Super Mario 3D World is that Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, and Toad were set to explore the Mushroom Kingdom. On a faithful day, they came across a Pipe that was oddly slanted. Mario and Luigi fixed this pipe and a green fairy magically appeared from it.

The Sprixie, as it is called, tells Mario and the gang that a band of Sprixies were kidnapped by the ever nefarious Bowser. Mario’s nemesis set out to get all of the seven major Sprixies in the Sprixie Kingdom and the rest of the gang finally confronted and defeated Bowser for good. In the end game credits, Bowser was shown being encased in a bottle as a punishment.

The Super Mario 3D World is an amazing game for the Wii U because, as I’ve said earlier, it is a mish-mash of everything we love in previous Super Mario games rolled into one.

If you are looking to have a fun gaming experience using the Wii U, you should definitely buy the Super Mario 3D World.