Since the first announcement of the Death Star DLC, Star Wars Battlefront players were very excited about the news and their now in anticipation for what is to come.

But, a few months back, players weren’t given any specific details about the upcoming DLC update and they are clamoring for more details about the Death Star DLC.

Fortunately, Electronic Arts, the developer and publisher of the game, has disclosed new information and they’ve also released a new trailer for the upcoming update as well.

Even though the information disclosed was sparse, it is more than enough to entice people to get the new DLC update.

There is a new game mode called “Battle Station” and it is actually a three-part game mode where each part will have their own unique set of objectives for you to complete.

The first part of the said game mode takes place in space where you will control one of the X-Wings and you will have to fight the Imperial TIE space fighters.

This is probably the phase where the game draws inspiration from the events that happened in Episode IV and Episode V.

In the trailer, players are assisted by AI controlled ships and your task (at least, as was shown in the trailer) is to destroy the spaceship’s support vehicles.

After wiping them out, you can then enter the space ship and you can then drop a missile or two to destroy its reactor.

The second phase of the said game mode takes place on Land. The main leaders of this phase of the game are Chewbacca and Bossk. Basically, what happened in the trailer was that Chewbacca and other Rebel leaders plot a plan to rescue a “priority Droid”, although the name of that droid wasn’t mentioned in the trailer.

And the third and last phase of the game mode is where the rebel leaders plan their attack to blow up the DS-1 Battle Station, or popularly known as, the “Death Star”.

To make you giddy for the last phase, Luke Skywalker will be helping you destroy the Death Star. He will be riding his iconic X-Wing that was shown in Star Wars movies in the past.

Now, there are two ways you can get a hold of the upcoming DLC. Players can either pay the DLC separately or they can avail of the Season Pass and the game will be free for download. Also, Season Pass owners will have more goodies so I suggest you get a season pass rather than just the base DLC update.

After the reveal trailer for the new Death Star DLC was shown, Electronic Arts went on to say something about the game’s last DLC update.

Apparently, the last DLC of the game will feature the events that will happen in Star Wars: Rogue One. As to the specific details of the DLC, they weren’t disclosed as of this time.

Star Wars Battlefront: Death Star DLC will be available sometime in September 2016, and will be available for the PC, Playstation 4, and Xbox One.